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January 17, 2023
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Our hands-on art classes are taught by artist-teachers, and frequently inspired by art on view in the Gallery. We teach, inspire, challenge, prompt and encourage. We love it when you make the artwork you never thought you could make.

Ask us about our Family Discount rate! Call 585.276.8959.

Spring 2016 Course Catalog

Grow your art skills this spring at the Creative Workshop! Watercolorists and ceramists are inspired by flowers and the shapes of nature, and children in our classes love to go outside to draw in Centennial Sculpture Park.

MAG members may sign up NOW—ahead of the crowd—for any class in the spring brochure.

Not a member? Registration opens March 5 for all classes and camps except spring and summer, which began enrolling in January.

• Classes for children (pdf)
• Classes for children with adults (pdf)
• Classes for adults (pdf)
• Art Appreciation (pdf)

We strongly recommend registering at least a week before the start date of any listed class.
Questions? Call 585.276.8959.

Art Day School

Calling all kids ages 6–12! Registration is now open for Art Day School sessions during spring break (March 28–April 1) and summer vacation (eight week-long sessions starting June 27). Click here for the ADS catalog

Have materials or fashion magazines you can donate for Teen Fashion Camp? Call 585.276.8959.

Give the Gift of Art

Know someone who would love to take a class at the Creative Workshop, but you are unsure what level would best suit them? Or someone who just needs that extra little nudge to ‘get back into art?’ A budding artist? We have classes for all ages and levels. Now you can give them the gift of art. Pick up a Gift Card and help pay for a class. Cards are available in a variety of price ranges, from $10 to $400.

Faculty Notes / Faculty Exhibitions

Our hands-on art classes are taught by artist-teachers. They teach, inspire, challenge, prompt, encourage, and support as you make artwork you never thought you could make.
Shown right: Eddie Davis III.
View all current faculty bios.

Creative Workshop Student Exhibitions

Please enjoy our latest Children’s Show, on view February 20–March 5, 2016. We also encourage adult and teen students to submit up to two works of art to our Spring 2016 Open Adult Student Show. Click here for an application.

College Interns and Teen Volunteers at the Workshop

(left to right: Rachel, Teresa and Danielle) Photo credit: CW Teacher’s Assistant Abiose Spriggs

We are currently accepting applications from current college students in art, art education, or art history with significant interest in children’s interaction with museums to earn internship credit and valuable experience. See the factsheet here.

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Kathy J - Custom Redesign Bridal Jewelry in Rochester, NY
Kathy J - Custom Redesign Bridal Jewelry in Rochester, NY
Custom Jewelry Design Rochester NY
Custom Jewelry Design Rochester NY
Jewelry Rochester NY
Jewelry Rochester NY
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