Jewelry making classes in Atlanta

January 18, 2023
In this 3 hours class



Each studio in the center operates as an independant business, with their own hours and focus. Several of the professional artists in the 25 studios at the center offer art classes/art instruction in various mediums including flame worked glass classes, jewelry making classes, metal smithing classes, woodturning classes, stone sculpture classes, portraiture classes etc.

Please contact artists directly for further info.

Shane McDonald Studios; Suite A-1.770-218-0676

Portraiture, Pastel, Still Life Painting classes

"Open Studio" art classes are available for adults and mature high school students ages 12 and up on a weekly basis. Shane McDonald also teaches workshops on painting portraits from life and life figure drawing at least once per year.

Atlanta Artworx :Artworx Jewelry Studio Suite G-1.404-808-5880

Dana Weigen, Metalsmithing

Dana, along with several other instructors, offers classes in metal smithing, providing a thorough grounding in the basic skills and techniques. Work is primarily in sterling and fine silver employing traditional jewelry making techniques including sawing, soldering, and filing. Students will learn piercing, soldering, stone setting, and polishing through demonstrations and hands-on work. Projects may include rings, bracelets, pendants, and/or earrings. Lost wax casting classes are also available.

Beads By Design; Suite L.770-425-3909

Flame worked bead making classes; Lampwork glass making. Precious Jewelry, precious metal clay classes.

All forms of wire working and stringing:

Loom, square stitch, Ndebele, right angle weave, spirals, netting, freeform stitches, peyote, pearl knotting, crochet, embroidery.

Special guest instructors.

Bead and jewelry making materials:

We carry many colors of Delica beads as well as Japanese seed beads in size 15, 11, 8 & 6. Fire polish and pressed glass beads, pearls, gemstones, Swarovski crystals and handmade glass beads. Size 3 & 4mm Japanese square beads, triangles, bugles, and drop beads and many colors of 13 charlottes. Make us your jewelry making supply center providing tools, clasps, findings;

Wire in Sterling silver, copper, gold filled and many items in base metal and pewter.

Nick Cook Woodturner; Suite I.770-421-1212

Vessels, Wine Stoppers, Wood Turning classes. Individual or group lessons available. For more information: see website:

Helen Deramus Studios, Suite L-.770-378-9003

Painting, Drawing, encaustic, oil, workshops & classes. Sww web link for class sessions scheduled. Private lessons available.

Ehecatl Studio; Studio G-2..770-633-3838

Vision Bear fulfills a dream quest through Ehecatl Studio, with Spirit and his ancestral gifts to teach others how to transform their lives through art.

Instruction, Fine Art.

"Ehecatl meaning Spirit or that which

moves but can not be seen"

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Jewelry Making Instructions
Jewelry Making Instructions
Jewellery making classes
Jewellery making classes
Journey Girl Jewelry-Making Classes in Atlanta, GA
Journey Girl Jewelry-Making Classes in Atlanta, GA
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