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June 13, 2023

DIY: Wire Wrap ToolsWire wrapping is a method of handcrafting jewelry that is fairly easy to learn. All it takes is the ability to investigate the process through simple tutorials, which can be found online or in craft stores. This hobby requires very little investment and can produce beautiful pieces of jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Hobbyists all over the world have enjoyed creating their own unique, artful pieces of wire-wrapped jewelry.

There are many tutorials such as books and videos that can be bought for a nominal fee to start beginners on their way to learning the craft of wire wrapping jewelry. Crafters may also find how-to guides on common interest online boards and video sites. Regardless, wire-wrapping tools and supplies will be needed to produce attractive pieces of jewelry.

There are a few simple tools crafters will need to start out, like pliers and cutters. As they gain skill and experience, they may want more advanced tools to hone their craft. Several types of tools for wire wrapping exist, each with their own specific use.


Beginning the craft of wire wrapping jewelry will require a set of jewelry pliers. These pliers will twist, bend, cut, and flatten jewelry wire so that it can conform around stones, crystals, beads, and itself. Jewelry pliers can be bought in a set, or they can be bought as individual pieces. There are several types of pliers, but the following are the most commonly used for wire wrapping.

Flat Nose Pliers

Among many other functions, flat nose pliers can forge hard right angles in jewelry wire. These pliers can also flatten small areas of the wire when needed. Additionally, they can be used to create loops; however, there is another tool that is better suited for small loops.

Round Nose Pliers

Round nose pliers are excellent for creating small loops. Small loops are used in wire wrapping for such things as attaching beads to wires, which requires loops on the ends of the wires so that they can be joined together like a chain for necklaces and earrings.

Side Cutters

Side cutters are used to cut wires in a flush manner so that the exposed wire does not catch on skin or clothing. These are quite useful, and they ensure that the jewelry is comfortable to wear.

Chasing Hammer

A chasing hammer is used to flatten a wire-wrapped design. There are two sides to this hammer that can be used to manipulate the appearance of the wire. The larger side is used to make a smooth, flattened finish, and the smaller side is used to strike the wire so that indentations can be seen in the design. The indentations change the texture of the wire so that it can have an antique or worn appearance.

Bench Block

A bench block is used in conjunction with hammers or mallets to strike wire-wrapping designs in an effort to flatten the wire. It protects the surfaces underneath the jewelry from becoming marked when striking the design with a chasing hammer.

Ring Mandrel

A ring mandrel can be used to make jump rings and other wire-wrapped rings. Jump rings are used to attach the ends of wire-wrapped designs so that they can be secured to chains and clasps.

How to Find Wire-Wrap Tools and Materials on eBay

Finding the tools and materials to start wire wrapping jewelry on eBay is easy. Simply go to the eBay homepage and type in the term "jewelry making tools" in the search bar at the top of the page. Buyers can also find tools by browsing categories like Beads & Jewelry Making. Within this category, results can be narrowed by choosing the Tools, Boards & Trays subcategory.

Supplies for making wire-wrapped jewelry can also be found on eBay. For materials such as stones, beads, or wire, shoppers can use the search bar to yield results. eBay also has many helpful guides that teach jewelry-making techniques.


Wire wrapping is a craft that allows anyone to produce wearable art. The right tools are essential for successful wire wrapping. The lovely baubles that can be created with wire-wrapping tools and techniques can bring great joy to budding hobbyists. Finding the right tools and materials is a simple task that can swiftly send new artists on their way to accomplishing their first wire-wrapped creations.

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