Tools for wire Jewelry Making

May 24, 2023
FWJP 00 Basic Skills - Tools

Miter Cutting Vise||VIS-550.00Today we feature a great tool called the Miter Cutting Vice.. Watch as Kate Richbourg shows us how to use it in easily in this quick video!

If you do any wire cutting – this is a must have on your tool bench!

Bench Vise, 1-1/2 Inch Jaws||VIS-204.00Miter Cutting Vise:

This Swiss-style miter vise, made of hardened steel, is used for holding wire and sheet up to 11mm wide at both 45 degrees and 90 degrees. A stop bar is included to perform consistent cuts repeatedly.

Additional Tools:

This vise with 1-1/2″ jaws offers a choice of clamping or screwing onto the bench. An excellent value and a necessity for every bench.

Economy Sawframe, 3 Inches||SAW-650.00

This economy sawframe offers durable construction, a hardwood handle, large thumbscrews and a 3″ depth. It’s an excellent value.

Our Hi-tech lubrication is perfect for most cutting applications. Use when sawing, drilling or drawing wire to insure cool, clean cuts. Cut Lube adheres to the tool surface and is less affected by heat than oil. Not only does Cut Lube make cutting easier and more precise, but it adds life to all of your cutting tools. The two ounce stick is made in the USA and comes in a convenient push-up plastic sleeve.

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Jewelry tools & jewelry displays, jewelry making tools
Jewelry tools & jewelry displays, jewelry making tools ...
How to Make Basic Wire Jewelry : Necessary Tools for
How to Make Basic Wire Jewelry : Necessary Tools for ...
Necessary Tools for Making Wire Jewelry
Necessary Tools for Making Wire Jewelry
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