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August 18, 2023
Beadlush s February Class

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Instructor: Patty Pulliam Click here to learn about Patty

Use simple tools to make a complex-looking chain with an ancient technique thought to be invented by the Vikings. In this class you will learn the single and double-weave techniques as well as how to finish the chain into a unique bracelet. Walk out of class with a unique piece of jewelry perfect for yourself or giving as a gift.

Class fee includes copper wire (upgrade to silver for an additional fee) and a dowel/tool. Bring your wire-working pliers if you have them. (Chain nose, round nose, flat nose, and flush cutters.) Tools are available for use during class. Shop our "bead store drawers" for end caps, clasps, and beads to finish your bracelet. This is a perfect accompaniment to lampwork glass beads, so bring yours or purchase some in our Design Center.

Additional metal, tools and supplies available for retail purchasing in the Design Center.

Instructor: Shannon Haug Click here to Learn about Shannon

Your ideas, your designs, etched on copper, using a resist and acid bath. Draw your own designs by hand or bring stamps (ink pad type) to experiment with different images. Fabricate your etched copper pieces into fabulous jewelry. We will also work on making hand made French ear wires, and "s" hook clasps, with no soldering involved. Team up your copper work with semi precious stone or glass beads (bring your stash or purchase from ours). Possibilities for finished work include bracelet & earrings... perhaps even a pendant or two. Be as creative as you like!! If you've taken one or more of our metal smith classes, please bring your files and a selection of plier tools (round nose, chain nose, flat nose, cutters) with a band of color to identify your tools at a glance.

(It is helpful to know how to do wire wrapped loops and jump ring making, but not necessary.)

Instructor: Shannon Haug Click here to Learn about Shannon

Create 3-D jewelry without soldering! You will construct a pair of earrings - possibly a pendant, too if time allows - by making headpins with a mini torch. The headpins will be used to rivet different layers of metal together. We will explore the use of wire for connections also. Techniques that will be covered in this class will include creating headpins and basic riveting, with some essential wire wrapping, metal forging, shaping and filing. Everyone will walk away with a completed piece and the ability to create unique and professional jewelry at home.

Please bring any tin snips, jewelers saws, files and other tools you may have for the completion of the jewelry created in this class. If you want to incorporate etched copper into your design, bring your pre-etched copper sheet from the

Wire and metal for earrings provided in the class fee. Tools available for beginners to use during class. If you have your own tools, please bring them.

Make an artistic linked bracelet using only cold connections - no soldering needed! Design, fabrication, stamping and texturing metal will be explored while creating your one-of-a-kind bracelet. We will also touch on patinas and polishing to give your piece the finishing touch. If you want to incorporate etched copper into your design, bring your pre-etched copper sheet from the

or equivalent knowledge is required prior to this class. Knowledge of wire wrapping is helpful. Please bring files, pliers & your other favorite tools with you (please paint your tools with a stripe of your color nail polish for easy identification in classes). Copper sheet for your bracelet provided through class fee. Other metals available for an additional fee.

Additional Metal Smith tools, metal stock and supplies available for retail purchase through our Design Center.

Date: (please call 630-963-9573 or if interested in this class)

This class will introduce entry level students to four different basic link making techniques and connection methods for chain designing. Students will create one sample link from each style of chain presented by instructor, and then go on to choose one style to continue on with the creation of their own professionally finished bracelet complete with clasp. Students will use Design Center tools... but should feel free to bring their tool box if they've already started a collection. Students choosing the beaded chain style (as shown in bracelet style #1) should bring a small collection of beads to class (or purchase from the Design Center). Students may opt to make a necklace by purchasing additional materials.

Miscellaneous beads and findings are available in our "bead store drawers".

Consider taking the

Steampunk Bracelet class to build your jewelry making skills!

***New Class***

Instructor: Venus Cramer Click here to Learn about Venus

Bring all you old charms, gears, cogs, components, watch parts and any other miscellaneous items that you think would make cool jewelry! Lets build on our jewelry design skills started in our

Chainmaking class by designing together "Steampunk" style. (Or bring a premade chain bracelet to work with.) Come and learn about the Steampunk movement and get inspired in a new way. You will create a charm bracelet, learn how to oxidize/antique metal, learn how to wire wrap and make 2 charms, 1 with words and 1 key shape.

Materials list will be provided. Miscellaneous beads and findings are available in our "bead store drawers".

Students will need to bring a silver chain bracelet, or consider taking the

Chainmaking class first to make your own!

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