Jewelry making classes Baltimore

January 18, 2023

We have been making high school and college class rings since 1903. We offer a large variety of styles, sides and stones to make sure the student is getting exactly the custom class ring they want.

Class Rings

With several fine collections of military rings to choose from, your military ring by J. Jenkins will be a commemoration to your service that you can wear with pride.


Our large selection of service awards, service awards jewelry and service awards medallions can help you commend your staff in style. Want to customize your own? Just ask!

Service Awards

J. Jenkins is well known for it's beautifully designed and crafted Masonic rings. Take a look at our vast collection and order yours today!

Masonic Jenkins

High Class Custom Rings and Service Awards for Nationwide Companies, Schools, & Organizations

J. Jenkins Sons Company of Baltimore has earned a phenomenal reputation over the last 100 years that we have been in business. What sets us apart from other companies in our industry is the fact that our focus is solely on our customer. We want to ensure that you have the perfect product for your needs, so our design team will consult with you to create a design that you can be proud of. From custom designed class rings and service awards, to military rings and more, we have a large selection of high class products that you can wear or display with pride. Our products are guaranteed to last forever, so you can count on exceptional quality when you come to us.

Through the years of interacting and working with parents, students, teachers, administrators, managers, organizations, and other personnel in a range of industries, we have gained a great deal of experience and knowledge that has been used to foster the creation of every program within our company. This includes everything from our options and designs, to our website, company policies, and our guarantees and warranties. When you want a unique ring or service award that will be memorable and timeless, J. Jenkins Sons Company is the go to source.

Some of Our Most Popular Product Collections

We carry many different ring styles and service award products. If we don't have what you need, we will create a solution that will work for your needs. The following are some of our most popular products:

  • Championship Rings
  • Custom Designs for Rings and Service Awards
  • High School Rings
  • Masonic Rings
  • Military Rings
  • Past Master Rings
  • Police & Fire Department Rings
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