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May 2, 2023
Learn how to make silver

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Welcome to my world of online workshops!

One of my creative passions is teaching. Here you'll find the selection my online workshops. I offer my classes one at a time, for two months each so that I can be available for the entire class to answer questions and help you learn and create. My online classes are perfect for beginning as well as for more intermediate students. For my currently running class, please check the right sidebar.

Please sign up for my newsletter, if you're interested in receiving updates. You'll get info on when my online class registrations open, as well as my in person teaching venues. To sign up, click on the link in my right sidebar. I protect your privacy and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you in class!

Bloom Bangles

Class icon 2000pxJoin me in creating an armful of boho style bloom bangles. This has long been one of my most popular classes, when I travel to teach. It's been sold out at every venue! I'll show you two different styles of bangles, as well as how to texture and twist heavy gauge wire. We'll be working with resin and wire forms to create unique embellishments for our bangles. Then, we'll cut, shape, file and texture our way into creating a pile of beautiful blooms.

Artisan's Daybook

Learn to create, and keep, the jewelry journal you've always wanted. This journal is packed with technique and versatility. You'll get a chance to learn my special techniques for altering cabinet cards and embellishing them for a beautiful and unique journal cover. Crayons, pencils, paints, stamps, inks and more, are our instruments of play as we collage, stitch, transfer and wrap our way into a mixed media extravaganza. One of my favorite parts of this class: color wheel pages. I'll even show you how to make a mini "tuck-in" watercolor palette to tuck into the pages of your book. Daybook, jewelry journal, art journal or artist's book...make it your own!

Altering the Past

For the first time, I'm offering an online mini-workshop. What the heck is a mini-workshop? I'm glad you asked! This class is a bit less extensive than my other online workshops. Because of this, the cost will also be a little less...yay! Since this is a mini, I will not be personally available to students, as I am in my regular classes, but students will have access to the videos and class material 24/7, indefinitely.

In Altering the Past, I'll show you how to create beautiful altered cabinet cards. We'll be collaging and painting real antique cabinet cards using paints, inks, papers, ephemera, stamps, rub ons and more.

The Alchemy of Objects

This workshop is based on two of my very favorite aspects of jewelry making. The first is something that many jewelry artists struggle Pair that with my other favorite, found objects, and you've got jewelry making magic. In this class I'll show you how to work the elements and principles of design into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Strong on design, this class is also loaded with technique as well as exciting "design challenges" for the students to work through.

Bezel Bootcamp

In this workshop, I'll show you how to create your own beautiful and unique, freeform bezels and give you my secrets for working with two part resin. This class is a terrific introduction to torch soldering, the easy, non-intimidating way. Bezel Bootcamp is loaded with skills and techniques that are easily transferable to projects other than jewelry. This is an art camp you'll love!


The Build Zone

The Build Zone is designed to strengthen and grow your jewelry making skills. Learning the foundational skills is so important to professionally finished pieces. This class will step your jewelry making up to a higher level of quality.

BoHo Bliss

Find your jewelry making bliss when you take this all-about-hoops workshop. The boho style is very popular and in this class I'll show you how to create a variety of gorgeous bohemian inspired hoop earrings. In the process, we'll cover many techniques you can use in lots of different jewelry pieces. You'll also learn how to make and finish perfect ear'll never have to buy them pre-made, again!

The Art of Closure

Looking for a little closure? You'll find it, right here! Beautiful closures are an important part of great jewelry design. I'll show you how to create a variety of gorgeous, functional closures, as well as how to make crimp end connections for attaching cord or ribbon to your pieces. The techniques you learn will help you to finish your jewelry in unique and inspiring ways that will make your jewelry stand out.

An Ornamental Christmas: The Merry Men of Winter

I'm so pleased to offer the very first class in my Ornamental Christmas series of online ornament classes. My Christmas ornament obsession has finally come to fruition with the creation of these workshops! An Ornamental Christmas will be an annual holiday event with a new and glorious ornament offered, each year. Who may even see a guest instructor, or two, in the future!

In this workshop, I'll show you my secrets to creating the most precious snowman you've ever seen. There are many variations for this little guy and lots of ways to embellish him. There's more to our merry men than carrots and coal! You'll learn how to incorporate your Merry Man into a diorama ornament or a necklace. It's a winter storm of glitter and fun!

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Resin Foundry Online Class Preview
Resin Foundry Online Class Preview
Jewelry Making Classes Downloadable-Necklace Making Recipes
Jewelry Making Classes Downloadable-Necklace Making Recipes
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