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January 17, 2023

Image of Custom Design Metal Arts & Jewelry SchoolCustom Design Metal Arts & Jewelry School:
Established in 1984, the Custom Design Metal Arts Studio in Ocala, Central Florida, (1 hour north of Orlando) offers one-on-one classes and workshops Metal Arts & Jewelry Casting. Bill Roberts, Ornamental Metalsmith and Owner and Operator of the studio has over 20 years, full time, experience in decorative metalwork. Bill is available to teach workshops and classes at Schools across the United States, and around the world. All levels welcome, the Studio is open year round.

One-on-One Metal Arts & Jewelry Workshops & Classes:

- Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Levels
- 1-Day Jewelry Classes
- 3-Day Classes
- Weekly Jewelry Courses
- Intensive Metal/Jewelry Workshops
- Jewelry Art Demonstrations

Techniques include:
- Fabricated & cast jewelry
- Blacksmithing
- Lost wax casting
- Wax design & carving
- Mold making
- Decorative arts
- Furniture
- Sculpture

The Studio offers one-day, three-day and weekly classes, intensive workshops and demonstrations as well as private tutoring.

Students Testimonials:

"I had the incredible opportunity to have a one-on-one class with Bill and I loved every minute of it. I call him the educational oasis for Florida artist. He is a real talented artist with an unselfish passion for teaching."
- Alfredo, sculptor

"Bill Roberts is a gifted teacher. After the class, I commented on my theory that All teachers fell into one of two catagories; the ones who "have it in their hearts" and the ones who are "just doing a job." Bill definately "feels teaching." He has all the qualities that make for a good teacher; patients, knowledge, skills, and desire. He let me find my own way thru each stage of the process, passing along hints, ideas, and techniques that helped me surpass my goals. Bill easily identified my skill levels and areas of deficiency, and provided the exact amount of help and direction required to make my visit a great success."

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