Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry

June 21, 2023
100% Authentic, from the

All my life I have been enamored with art in every form. I take great joy in learning and embracing new artistic mediums. From a very early age I began painting with oils and ever since then I have embraced every chance I have to color my life with the art that brings such pleasure to others and myself.

When I first heard about precious metal clay I was intrigued and searched out all the information I could find until I had taught myself to create stunning jewelry out of it. I then embedded my other great joy, of collecting sea glass, into the silver and produced my best selling item, sea glass jewelry. I began selling my sea glass jewelry at art shows, galleries, and boutiques, and then expanded into online sales, which has been a great success. My work is also now sold at over 20 Art Galleries and Boutiques in the USA and Canada.

On January 31, 2009, I was featured on a Travel Channel television showed called "Treasure Hunter, Kirsten Gum". Kirsten was hunting for Sea Glass and then she came to me to have a piece of jewelry made. I taught her how to use PMC and I made a piece of jewelry for her and then helped her make a piece. The show was very exciting to film and I've had a great response - thanks to all of you! We filmed for 4 hours, but my 45 seconds of fame has brought me many new friends that have visited my website again and again and its been an awesome experience.

In addition to my immensely successful sea glass jewelry business, I also create Pastel Pet Portraits in which customers can have the essence of their beloved pet captured in a beautiful drawing.

For the past few years I have also run a successful mural business with my painting partner Brenda Baker. Together we create scenes and designs for customers that really brighten up the decor of any room. Our service can make an ordinary room look like the vineyards in Tuscany or Sonoma or the sea glass filled sandy beaches of Hawaii.

I have also been very involved in spreading my love of art to school children through programs such as Art Trek and Young Rembrandts. These programs are essential in promoting art education in schools today.

As art is a passion and life long dream of mine, I can only hope that the art that I create can inspire others to pursue their dreams and embrace them with all the passion that inspired the greatest of artists.

Please contact me at any time to order seaglass jewelry, plan a mural or order a pet portrait.

(805)558-3534 or e-mail me:

Myself, on the left and best bud, Kim - before the filming of Treasure Hunter

This is me, Aileen, on the left, with my friend Kim, who

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Source: www.artofseaglass.com
Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry
Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry
Sea Glass Jewelry
Sea Glass Jewelry
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