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December 18, 2023
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Summary: Here are a few images of my latest project for unique handmade beaded jewelry. While practicing, you may need simply inches of neon nylon-colored string and beads. This tutorial is easy to follow!

I like to design jewelry because I can use in various ways with just a few inexpensive supplies. Tie knots, add beads, unite them together and create a unique handmade beaded jewelry bracelet and necklace. With just the common Forward Knot, you can finish a bracelet successfully. Cool, isn’t it?

Supplies needed:

6mm Colorful Acrylic Bead



How to make the unique handmade beaded jewelry?

Step 1: take 8 strands of 80cm long nylon thread and divide it into two equal groups. Tie into a bunch using a Snake Knot 10cm from the start.

Step 2: on the right side, take a strand and use it as the holding end while the other 3 ends will be the main working end. Start to tie forward knots with each end twice.

Do the same process for the left side.

Step 3: pick up the two holding end which should meet at the center, use either one to tie two forward knots around another. And this will be the starting point of the entire project for this unique handmade beaded jewelry.

Step 4: slide one 6mm acrylic bead on the outer string. Make forward knots around the new holding end, from the center to out.

Do the same to the other half.

Step 5: Hold the two inner ends and insert one 8mm acrylic bead onto them.

Work the forward knots inwards with the 3 working ends on both sides.

Repeat Step 3 to close off the circle.

Step 6: work the pattern in step 5 for the desired length of your bracelet.

Finally, finish the bracelet with a snake knot as before. Reserve the two holding ends on two sides.

Step7: Overlap the ends on a flat surface, and then design a closure by tying 6 or 7 square knots with an extra strand. Remove excess cord and secure with a lighter.

Thread one 6mm acrylic bead on the two remaining ends on each side, secure with an overhand knot.

Melt the endings with a lighter and congratulations!

If you are like me, you may already be enchanted by its brightness and vibrancy. This unique handmade beaded jewelry may also be classified as an innovative friendship pattern. Hope you guys will love it.

Source: lc.pandahall.com
Handmade Jewelry by Mikako - Homemade, Unique Beaded Bead
Handmade Jewelry by Mikako - Homemade, Unique Beaded Bead ...
Jewelry Unique Handmade
Jewelry Unique Handmade
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