Make your own silver jewelry

January 13, 2023
Make your own silver jewelry

Author: Jess Toogood

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Let me tell you a bit about my story. I was made redundant by a local firm I had dedicated fifteen years of my life to. I was left feeling scared about my finances, anxious about my job prospects and let down by my employers. I couldn’t sit and lick my wounds for long; I needed to find an income as my redundancy pay wouldn’t last for long. The jobs in my area were pretty much non-existent so I decided to take my career into my own hands.

The Internet Opens Many Doors

I have always been a fan of the Internet. I use it at home and I used it for work in the past. So I decided that there must be a way to make money working for myself. Before you run for the hills please rest assured that I am not talking about get rich quick scams. I wanted to start my own business and use the Internet as a way to make it a success, and this is exactly what I did.

My friends always call me Magpie as I am instantly drawn to anything that sparkles. My passion for shiny objects inspired me to open an online store. I spent a small amount buying mainly wholesale silver jewellery, created a website that was hosted online for a small monthly fee and began looking into marketing. That was three years ago and now I am earning decent money and I have gained so many new skills from marketing, writing, web design, graphic design and customer service. Believe it or not I am able to support my family on my business alone and I now hire two people to help.

Don’t Struggle, Become an Entrepreneur

Finding a secure job these days is a hard task. If you are fed up of living on the breadline, don’t want to answer to anyone else and want to create a secure future I recommend opening your own business or two. Selling an item online is easier than ever before. There are auction websites that allow you to list multiple items to reach millions of customers that are already there spending their money. You can find affordable e-commerce website providers that take the hard work out of designing a site and hosting it on servers. If you are a little more advanced in all things IT and have some decent money behind you it is possible to have a custom made website just for you.

You Don’t Need a Large Amount of Money Behind You

When I found the product I wanted to sell I didn’t spend thousands of pounds on stock. I invested two hundred pounds in stock, purchased a domain name for a few pounds and paid for a website for just over ten pounds per month. That was my major investment and now I am making enough to cover all of my business expenses, my living expenses and I am earning more and more as time goes on. Some months are more successful than others as I am selling toward the gift market but in general the turnover is great.

It’s Hard Work but Good Work

I am not going to lie to you, if you work for yourself you will probably work longer hours that you ever have before. The payback for the hard work is the joy of doing something that you love from your own home. You set the hours, if you want a day off you can have one, if you don’t want to work until the children are in bed then you can. You have freedom in your career which is the best feeling ever.

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